Dale Cornell

I have been senior pastor for 11 years now and my heart’s desire is to see God move in a powerful way. I served as associate pastor under David G. Joyner for 28 years. I have served here at Liberty Christian Center for 41 years and that one thing is still the most important aspect of ministry is God has to move as well as we have to allow God to move.

Shortly after accepting Christ as my Savior I began my journey to pursue the calling that God had placed on my life at a young age. At the age of 17 I began my studies for the ministry with the Assemblies of God. I graduated from high school in 1969 enrolled in BC which is the local Junior college in Bakersfield California. I set out to major in music and fine arts, but it wasn’t long after attending Liberty Christian Center I became involved in the Music department which was right up my alley. After a year or so of helping in the music department the position as Music Minister was available and I stepped into that position at Liberty Christina Center.

In July of 1972 I married Sharon. She is a graduate of CSUB Cal State University Bakersfield with a Bachelor of Education Degree and she is a school teacher for first graders. Sharon is a vital link in the ministry of LCC as well. She has grown up in this church and brings her own set of strengths to this ministry.

I am still currently serving as the senior pastor and worship leader here at LCC. And one of my greatest joys is seeing and having my son-n –law Tim and oldest daughter Lisa who is married to Tim Barton to be on staff as youth pastors here at LCC and watching them grow and serve God in their lives. It is and incredible journey that I on, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. To think that God choose Sharon and I wow what a privilege, to think that I have been handpicked for such a time as this.

Sharon and I had been married for just a couple of years when the position for Youth Pastor came available and we were asked to step into that position along with maintaining the Music Ministry position. After much prayer we accepted the position and served as youth Pastors, Music Minister, and Associate Pastor for a number of years. Then along came our children two beautiful girls Lisa and Rebecca which are two years apart. It wasn’t until May of 2002 when my pastor who I served under was retiring and he asked if I would pray about the senior pastor position. Again after much prayer we were voted in and we accepted the position as senior pastor here at LCC..

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